Acai Berry FAQs

The Health Benefits of the Acai Berry

The health benefits of the acai berry have been gaining traction throughout the world in the last several years. While more research remains to be conducted to find out the exact health benefits of the acai berry, what is known so far is quite promising.

The Acai berry, a buzz-worthy health food now becoming more popular in the United States and around the world, comes from the Acai palm, which is found in Central and South America. Particularly prevalent in the Amazon Rain forest and most popular in Brazil, where some natives say acai berries account for nearly half of their total food intake acai berries provide incredible health benefits to those that eat it.

The berry itself looks fairly similar to a grape, but it far surpasses the average grape in terms of health benefits to the human body. It actually contains approximately ten times more antioxidants than grapes, twice as many as antioxidant-rich blueberries and thirty times as many anthocyanins as red wine. Anthocyanins, a type of antioxidants, have been found to be useful in slowing the aging process, keeping eyes healthy and protecting the nervous system. Antioxidants are important to the human body because they help fight off illness and tissue damage. Free radicals cause damage to healthy cells in your body, and antioxidants essentially take the place of those healthy cells to combat the free radicals. Although studies on the different forms of acai berries (the whole fruit, juice, extract, dried powder) produce varying results on the amount of antioxidants prevalent in the fruit, there is undoubtedly a great deal of antioxidants in the acai berry in any form.
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There are many other health benefits of the acai berry and including it in your diet. It contains healthy omega-fats and essential fatty acids, similar to those found in olive oil. These help to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels while maintaining HDL (good) cholesterol levels. These omega-fats and fatty acids are great for the cardiovascular system as a whole and help to ensure a healthy heart. The nutritional content of acai berries is actually very fascinating. They contains a high amount of quality protein. Protein helps the body build and maintain muscle and is important towards overall muscle quality and body health. There is also a substantive amount of dietary fiber found in the acai fiber which is great for the digestive system. There are also enzymes and other similar compounds that aid in digestion found in the acai berry. Additionally, there are many other vitamins that help promote overall body health.

It is easy to see why acai berries are the new "it" super foods and have been used in smoothies and drinks in Brazilian health clubs and restaurants for quite some time. A study by the University of Florida even found that extracts from the berry caused leukemia cancer cells to shut down. Although it will be some time before their full powers are understood and harvested, it is still a powerful testimonial to the healthy compounds that reside in the berry. The health benefits of the acai berry have just been gaining traction throughout the world in the last several years. This is because the berries are quite perishable, and it has only been in the last few years where packaged products containing the acai berry have been widely available for study and for use. While more research remains to be conducted to find out the exact health benefits of acai berries, what is known so far is quite promising.

Michael Rupkalvis runs the LifeFormulas website, which offers a unique blog about his day-to-day activities with ITV Ventures and their many health-related products. One of the products sold through that business is Figo Juice, which is a unique acai berry based juice that includes a high amount of antioxidants as well as numerous other nutrients.

By Michael Rupkalvis
Published: 3/15/2008

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Acai Superfood

Acai Berry-the New Super Food

The acai berry cleanse can be a great way to jump start your weight loss and increase your energy. Find out more about the amazing benefits of the acai berry. In recent years there has been a lot of talk about super foods and anywhere you here the word super food, the term acai berry is not far behind. This fruit is said to be at the top of the list of super foods and is probably the least known of all the super foods. From a palm tree in the Amazon, this high energy berry tastes like a combination of chocolate and berries. Its skin is packed full of amino acids, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

Although, this can be found in the form of juice, the unsweetened pulp is considered to be a better value. The acai berry is packed full of antioxidants and essentials that promote cardiovascular and digestive health. The other big benefit is this fruits anti-aging property. The use of this fruit is growing quickly in popularity and is beginning to show up in pill form and as a cleansing flush. There are a number of fruits that are considered to have many beneficial qualities, but of late, the acai berry is consider one of the best for anti-aging qualities and fighting diseases. Acai berries are said to assist in weight loss, elevation of energy levels, promoting younger looking skin, among other healthy qualities. Because acai berries cannot be imported, they are usually flash frozen and freeze dried. Then a reconstituted juice is made from the freeze dried berries. Acai berry compounds are starting pop up on the internet and in health food stores and can be purchased in any number of forms, such as, pills, capsules, powders and concentrated juices. This fruit is an excellent source of dietary fiber. This berry does not generate cholesterol and is a resource that is high in organic vegetable protein, making it easier for the body process and transport it to the muscles than other types of animal protein. I am looking for ways to live a healthier life and I am considering adding the acai berry to daily steps that I take to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For me it is about taking small steps to get to a goal and it doesn’t seem that you can go wrong with a the acai berry, no matter what form of this powerful fruit that you choose. Many athletes have begun using this mystical fruit and for good reason. If you are looking for a way to add to the things you do to get and stay healthy, why not add the acai berry cleanse to your diet..

By Marjorie Salada Published: 9/3/2008 

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Is Acai More Effective As A Juice Or A Powder

The Three Forms of Acai Berry

Acai berry gained huge publicity when it was featured on TV a few weeks ago, but what acai berry do you choose. There are so many different forms of the supplement on the market, how do you use them all?

Acai berry comes in three main forms. The berry form, the juice, and acai powder. They are all derived from the exact same formula, but some can be used easier then others. Find out about all three.

The berry form of acai is loaded with the most nutrients because it has not been touched at all. The problem is that it can be hard to use them in certain ways. The best way is to use them in cooking. Try replacing normal fruits such as raisins or blueberries when cooking with acai berry.

Acai powder can be a tough form to use just as acai berries. They can be mixed into cooking to give foods a fruity flavor. The flavor is somewhat of a mix between chocolate and raspberry. It is a better choice to use than sugar to sweeten up products. You can also use acai berry to mix with other juices or water. It can be shaken up like a protein powder for all the nutrients.

Acai juice is the most well known and easily accessible of all the different forms of acai berry. You can find it in many forms on the market today, such as the Monavie juice. Tons of health clubs also carry acai berry now for all the energy benefits it will give to working out. It is most found in a smoothie form, that is absolutely delicious.

In conclusion, there are plenty of ways that you can find acai berry if you look. The easiest and most popular is the juice, but if you are looking for a way to spice up your cooking, you might want to go with the powder of straight berry!

By Ryan Anderson

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