A List Of Superfoods for Health

No matter what anyone says, you are what you eat.

There has been some recent research in the dietary arena that  has come up with 14 foods that are packed with nutrients the promote good overall health and well being. These foods, known in the health community as Superfoods are characterizied by higher levels of vitamins and minerals, fewee calories, and anitoxidants that can fight off disease.  

The list contains broccoli, nuts pumpkin, soy, turkey, spinach, yogurt, beans (or legumes which would include peanuts), green tea, oranges, soy, berries (especially blueberries or the acai berry), salmom, oats and whole grains.  All of these foods can help to prevent and reverse the onslaught of diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, hypertension, and various forms of cancer. 

The idea here is to create a diet of all of these superfoods as each one may affects different parts of the body and the body’s metabolism.  Therefore, by eating all the 14 foods as the fundamental building blocks of a diet, they can enhance overall health and bodily function by working together. 

Okay, so what if you don’t want to eat these foods.  Well, then you will likely suffer the ill-effects of an unbalanced diet which can result in mood swings, low energy levels, lack of energy and weight change. A body running on an unbalanced diet is a body that will begin to break down — the muscles, brain, digestive system and other bodily functions will suffer from the lack of nutrients and minerals it needs to sustain health. 

If you suffer from malnutrition, you will experience irritability, frequent colds or allergies, lack o f energy and mineral depletion that can result in several maladies such as anemia.

Since the bodily functions are all connected,  an unhealthy body will not doubtedly result in an unhealthy spirit as well.  When we nourish our body with these superfoods and complement them with other healthy fresh and nutritional fresh foods, our spirit will be re-vitalized and become healthy as a direct result.

Unfortunately, many modern diets are based on prepackaged convenience foods that lack many vitamins and minerals, which can affect our mental capacities and  can cause irritability, confusion, and the feeling of your brain ‘being in a fog’ all the time.   Superfoods, other the other hand, can be the basis of a sound, healthy, and nutritious solution to curing many of these maladies and more. 

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Superfoods or super-hype?

These day you have to load up with antioxidant-packed, cancer-fighting curative superfoods. Gulp green tea and it’ll help shrink your waist while fighting cancer. Same for the açai berry, one of the most heavily hyped foods of the last year.

Goji Berry

The acai berry is not the only antioxidant containing super berry on the list of super foods. Another big player in the super berry competition comes from the opposite side of the world and has been used for much longer than the acai. 

Soy Super Food

People seem to be jumping off the soy boat as quickly as they jumped on as more research is revealed on this once thought super food. We all know of soy’s good attributes; contains significant amounts of essential amino acids,

Acai vs Goji Juice

Comparing Goji Berries to Acai Berries

Since the advent of the acai on the national nutriotional front, goji berries have also been shown to as a great superfood as well.

Acai or goji? Many people ask which one is the best for them. This Article has been written to help you decide that very question. So which one is the best. You will have to read to see.

Goji berries and acai berries are highly sought after by health aficionados. However, if your budget is tight, how do you decide which super fruit is for you? This article can help provide assistance in that decision by analyzing three key differences between the berries. These differences include: palatability, nutrition and availability.

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1. Palatability
Acai berries have a unique yet pleasant chocolate aftertaste. They are also compared with mildly sweet fruits, such as apples or pears. Yet, goji berries are almost always compared to sour fruits, such as raspberries or cranberries. Of course, many people will also say that goji berries also have a sweet component, but it is still somewhat sour.

2. Nutrition
Goji berries have more antioxidants than any fruit in the world, even the acai. They also have a lot of vitamin C. In fact, just 100 grams of goji berries equals almost the amount of Vitamin C you need in a day.
Yet, when it comes to fiber, acai berries are significantly better than goji. If one consumes 100 grams of acai berries, they would be getting all the fiber they need for the day. This is an incredibly small amount, since 100 grams isn’t even a full cup!

3. Availability
Goji berries can be purchased raw, even in the United States. However, acai berries are usually distributed as beverages, powders or supplements. Finding them in raw form is extremely difficult in the U.S.

So, considering the above factors in mind, which fruit should consumers consider buying? Well, if nutrition is what one is after, goji berries are definitely the best choice. Yet, if you’re only interested in taste, chances are the acai berry will give you an experience you won’t forget. With its chocolate aftertaste, the acai could be the perfect solution for those who are suffering with a major sweet tooth. Sure, it’s not as healthy as a bag of goji berries, but it’s still a lot better than a milkshake or a candy bar.

By Kevin Mcafee

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Goji Berries

Provided herein is information about the false organic status of the Chinese Lycium barbarusold as m being sold as ‘Goji’ and a monograph from the Tanaduk Botanical Research Institute pointing out the difference between these two lycium berries.

What makes Goji berries potent?

Goji berries are believed to be a rich source of vitamins and nutrients with each goji berry purported to contain 18 different amino acids and vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, and E.


Goji berry, which is also called wolfberry by English speakers, is the name of a whole family very closely related berries, including Lycium barbarum and Lycium chinense.

Acai Berry Diet

One of the things we found out after researching the effects of the acai berry, is that the acai berry diet may be the fastest way to burn fat and lose weight.  This means that this fabulous new superfood has better fat burning qualities than prescription diet pills and other fat burning supplements.

The acai berry has become the number one superfood because of the numerous energy and antioxidant powers that the acai berry contains.  Acai berry is fast for losing weight because the berry is loaded with natural ingredients that promote faster metabolism.

Burning fat and therefore weight loss can be difficult because it causes stress on the body which can cause the body to shut down due to lack of protein and required nutrients.  Diet pills are synthetically created and therefore are harder for the body to break down.  In the beginning the body will try and fight off these   chemicals so the weight loss does not occur right away.  In many cases this can takes a few weeks for the effects of these types of supplements to work. 

Acai berries, on the other hand, work much faster because the body will accept the natural ingredients readily.  The acai berry weight loss supplements contain the most polyphenols (or antioxidants) which result in the best fat burning properties as compared to other methods on the market.  

Acai berries and the acai supplements for weight loss are the best natural weight loss regiment currently available. Maybe its time to give this weight loss formula a try.