Acai Berry Health Benefits

The acai berry is very rich in terms of its health benefits.  This little berry from the Brazilian rain forest is packed full of nutrients that will help you in your everyday life.

Protein Rich

Believe it or not, Acai berry juice has more proteins than an egg. Protein is the primary and most important component of some hormones and many body tissues, muscles and organs. Protein  also helps in the development of the outer layers of the body such as hair, nails and skin.

Strengthens and Prevents Bone Loss

The acai berry juice contains glucosamine, a building block of gristle and celadrin, which cushions joints and supports membranes. Glucosamine is very prevalent in the knees, hips, elbows, and shoulders. These compounds mostly help to strengthen the body and maintain body tissue. There is also a high amount of calcium in Acai juice which strengthens bones, prevents fractures, and as a result prevents abnormal loss of bony tissue which can lead to osteoperosis. It is also beneficial for women who have extreme menstrual pain as it helps coat the lining of the uterus and stomach, and helps reduce the pain from cramps and swelling.  Native women in Brazil eat and drink various forms of acai monthly to combat these problems.

acai berry health

Prevention of Heart Disease

The acai berry juice contains antioxidants known as polyphenols. Polyphenols are major source for heart protection in that they help in improving the production of Nitric Oxide (NO) in endothelial cells. Nitric oxide helps blood vessel walls relax and expand, and therefore results in less stress on the heart, reduces the risk of vessel obstruction, and increases blood flow. In addition to its high antioxidant capacity, acai is rich in Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) which help reduce harmful LDL cholesterol, while supporting levels of the beneficial HDL cholesterol that can help in better blood circulation. Sterols are components of the plant cell membranes that provide numerous benefits to the human body and are sometimes used to treat symptoms related  to  blood pressure. Anthocyanins in acai berry juice protect small and large blood vessels, including veins, arteries, and capillaries. Its low glycemic index improves glucose and lipid levels in combating the onset of diabetes.

Strong Anti-aging Qualities and Skin Care

The regenerative nutrients and strong antioxidants in acai juice help keep cells functioning at their best and slows the aging process. The antioxidants that are contained in it  feed, build and replenish the skin. Acai berry juice is also rich in vitamin E, which is essential for tissue generation. Its anthocyanins and phytosterols help reduce the erosion of the skin’s protective coating and protect connective tissues, including collagen. It also acts as an astringent which are substances that contract, shrink or tighten body tissues, including the skin. Astringents can be used to stop the bleeding in small cuts and cal also give the skin a fresh and tingling feel.

Improved Natural Immune System

Acai’s rich nutrient profile helps boost the body’s natural defenses by strengthening the immune system. It can prevent oxidation which is one of the primary causes of immune system weakness or dysfunction, and also reduces the frequency of infectious diseases. It prevents damage to DNA, which lowers the risks posed by carcinogens and mutagens.

Weight Loss
The Acai berry helps to control appetite and delay hunger by providing needed protein and energy which can help in losing weight.

Muscle Recovery from Fatigue

Acai berry contains a mix of essential amino acids and trace minerals that are vital for strength and recovery after training activitiesor other things that are stressful to the body.

Energy and Stamina

The nutrients in the acai berry juices, including a large amount of natural lipids, provide energy and stamina to tackle competitive sports and daily tasks.

Improves Sexual Health
The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in acai berry  can counter infertility due to stress, pollution, and factors related to free radicals.

Extra Benefits of Acai Berry Juice

The beta-carotene and Vitamin C in acai juice promotes eye health, and also reduces the complications of macular degeneration from diabetes. It also has a good amount of calcium that can contribute in maintaining healthy and stronger teeth and gums, and can help to prevent gingivitis and other gum diseases. Acai’s Omega 3 fats are essential for proper mental function and alertness. The juice also contains Vitamin B and other nutrients that help the brain cells to communicate by assisting with the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. It also helps a great deal in regulating stress levels.
acai berry health

Acai Berry Weight Loss

Taking acai berries provide many health benefits to the body. Not just a simple weight management product, acai berry products also provide better immune, digestive and cardiovascular systems. With all the vitamins and minerals in the product, anyone most of the people taking it gets increased level of energy, improved sleep and healthier skin.

Acai Berry for Health

We are not strangers anymore to the details of outstanding health gains available by using Acai berry as this exclusive product is already providing extraordinary benefits to the cosmetic and health field globally.

Obtain Ultimate Wellness With Superfoods While Conceiving

Obtain Ultimate Wellness With Superfoods For Healthy And Natural Conception

In pregnancy, you need the right kind of nutrients in your body to experience healthy delivery of your baby. Various vitamins, folic acid, and essential fatty acids are some of the nutrients your body needs to perform normally while pregnant.

Albeit pregnancy and giving birth is rampant and exceedingly common, it evokes some simplicity in conceiving. When actually it is not. Well, for some may be but others are still very much trying. There are a lot of couples now that vie for medical intervention just to start conceiving.

It is of great essence that the hormones are well balanced for both male and female in order to conceive and really get pregnant. Excess nutrients and those depleted can waver the hormonal balance and discombobulate the pregnancy process. Thus, to conceive could mean a far-out cry.

To keep your balance in check and proportion, it is important that you practice a healthy diet and lifestyle. These two factors do affect your hormones and your body generally. Getting more whole type of foods in your diet or meal plans only aggrandize your chances of acquiring the right nutrients that your body needs. These whole foods include fresh vegetables and fruits, beans, seeds, nuts, eggs, whole fish and unrefined grains. It is very essential that you opt for whole superfoods with an abundant supply of vitamins and minerals as mentioned on the paragraphs to follow.

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You need to constantly replenish your vitamin B complex because this kind is just passed out from your body with every trip to the bathroom. Both vitamins B6 and B12 are really vital for hormonal functions and fertility. Great sources of vitamin B6 are fortified cereals, skinned baked potatoes, fortified soy-based substitutes for meats, bananas, spinach, turkey, light-meat chickens and eggs. Mussels, poultry, beef, crabs, clams, salmon, soybeans and other fortified foods all contain rich levels of vitamin B12.

Folic acid or otherwise known as folate plays very huge importance to the production of genetic materials in association with vitamin B12. Bear in mind that the body cannot naturally produce its own folic acids, so like B-complex vitamins, you need to replenish this too. Folates are essential in the baby’s brain development as well. Folate-rich foods are those green and leafy vegetables, carrots, apricots, avocados, melons, egg yolks, yeasts, liver and whole grains.

Aside from folic acid, zinc also is an essential component of the genetic materials. It likewise portrays an all-too important role in men and women’s fertility. Zincs are substantial for a healthy and normal cell division, making it crucial at conception. Foods like oats, pumpkin seeds, rye, peas and almonds are reliable sources of zinc.

The EFA’s or Essential Fatty Acids functions for all body system agents and they are equally necessary for hormone production. EFA’s can minimize and prevent blood clots and work well for women who had a miscarriage and blood clot before. Fish oils are famous sources of these Essential Fatty Acids.

Another considerable nutrient is the vitamin E, which is an antioxidant. Low levels of this vitamin cause sub-fertility in both men and women. If you have some concerns with your vitamin E supply, you should start incorporating these superfoods into your meals: wheat germ cereal, leafy vegetables, sunflower seeds, brown rice, organ meats, nuts, milk, eggs, sweet potatoes and soy beans.

Vitamin C, on the other hand, is another antioxidant abiding for sperm production and plays some role in healthy ovulation. Vitamin C may be thought of as the universal vitamins for it is accountable for almost all healthy functions of the body. Excellent supply of vitamin C may be taken from raw red peppers, blackcurrants, guavas, strawberries, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, kiwi fruits, and several citrus fruits such as grapefruits and oranges. Also an antioxidant, vitamin A is favorable for the developing embryo. Increase your level of this nutrient by ingesting more tomatoes, spinach, carrots and cabbages.

Ample levels of iron supply in the body are just as essential. Iron helps in red blood cells production and it also circulates oxygen all through out the body. Iron deficiency is acquired through menstrual periods, blood loss or childbirth. Again, green leafy vegetables are certified sources of iron along with red meat, shellfish, beans, soy products and poultry.

For those who are planning to get pregnant and are pregnant already, it is advisable to ready your body with these vital nutrients to provide you and your baby superior health.

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By James Orat
Published: 10/26/2007

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Information From Other Sources

Acai Berry and Pregnancy

There is absolutely nothing more important to an expecting parent, especially if you are the pregnant one, than both the healthy development of your unborn child as well as the health and recovery of the mother, after birth.

When my wife was pregnant with our first child, one thing she made certain of was to include a large amount of vitamins and antioxidant rich supplements to her diet. One of the main ones being Acai berry capsules, which she took daily.

As a result, our child was born beautiful and healthy and my wife recovered amazingly with almost no lasting signs of birth. In fact, I think she actually is in better shape and looks even more radiant then ever.

I have read a lot of inquiries in many forums from people asking about Acai and if there are any side effects that may happen as a result from it’s usage. Well, from all of my research, not to mention our personal experience, I would have to say that if anything, although taken in moderation, it can be just the opposite.

  acai berry is it safe to take pregnant

One of the main factors to take in consideration about Acai Berries are that they are high in antioxidants, which are key to helping the body counteract the effects of cancer causing free radicals. More importantly, since pregnancy is known to increase oxidative stress, a leading factor in reduced placental efficiency and calcification, resulting in birth defects, many nutritionists recommend an increase in the intake of antioxidant levels for pregnant women.

Another factor to consider is that since Acai is well known for increasing and improving circulation, so it not only helps in the delivery of vital nutrients to the fetus, but it helps reduce swelling, cramps and many other birth related side effects in the mother.

If you are pregnant and considering taking this as a supplement, it is important to make sure you use only 100% pure products from a reputable distributor, and stay clear of anything that may contain other harmful mixtures or other herbal substances, that may counteract the results. If you have any hesitation or further questions, also be certain to check with your doctor, just to be sure.

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Can I Take Acai Berry While Pregnant?

When a woman is pregnant her doctors always advise them against trying any diet program. This is because when a woman is pregnant she not only needs to supply herself with the proper amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients but she now needs to feed her growing baby as well.

Can you Safely Have Acai Berry Products During Pregnancy?

If you want acai berry in a supplement form, talk with your physician or pharmacist before purchasing and using during pregnancy. He or she will be able to recommend a dosage that will not cause any ill effects.

Do be aware that many supplements and even some of the power juices contain extra ingredients, and even high amounts of caffeine, so always read the labels carefully before taking.