How long does it take for the Acai Berry diet pill to start seeing results?

I’ve been on the Acai berry diet pill for around 5 days now. I’m just wondering how long it takes till you begin to lose weight or see results? Anybody whose started these pills or experienced with them maybe you can help me answer this question?
I would just like to know from Personal experience. Nothing from internet pages please. thank you

Is the acai berry good for a thirteen year old to loose weight/ build muscle?

I am 13 and a little over 3 months old, and am trying to loose weight and build muscle. Is the acai berry good to help teens with losing weight. Also is it better to just get the berry or supplement, and what stores can you find the berry in?

The Truth on Acai Berry and How you Can know about the Amazon Acai Berry

Here is a good video to show you how to make sure you a getting the real stuff.

Since the acai berry on tv became the newest trend on health products many people have been enjoying the acai berry health benefits before that Tv show. This video shows a fox TV station that reviews that acai berry diet and goes through a try it before you buy it review of the acai berry acai berry acai berry on TV acai berry benefits acai berry juice monavie acai berry acai berry diet

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