Organic Super Foods “Organic food advocates also claim that organic foods are more nutritious than conventionally grown foods. There isn’t much evidence to show that organic foods contain any more nutrients than non-organic foods; However some organic produce contain more vitamin C and higher quality protein content. There is also evidence that animals grown with organic feeds tend to be healthier than animals fed conventional feeds. Organic farming is not only better for the animals, it is better for the environment. Organic farms are much more compatible with wildlife and land conservation programs. Newcastle, Australia Evansville, Indiana Ethiopia, Addis Ababa The Netherlands, Amsterdam Louisville, Kentucky San Marino, San Marino Milwaukee, Wisconsin Green Bay, Wisconsin New York City, New York Al Hayl, United Arab Emirates, Al Hayl, UAE
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Spirulina – a “superfood”?

I want to lose weight (mostly just achieve more definition), have better skin, hair and nails, and a better immune system. Its not that I’m overweight, have bad skin, or rough hair, but I heard that Miranda Kerr takes a green powder which contains spirulina. Would taking these pills be like the same as taking the powder?

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Acai Berry superfood Click link for your FREE trail offer of Acai Berry. Harvested by Brazilians for hundreds of years as a food staple and for their rejuvenating and detoxifying properties. Many consider the Acai berry to be a superfood.

Super Food Blue Green Algae How Professional Athletes Stay Healthy Get Peak Mental and Physical Performance with the Help of Blue Green Algae How Professional Athletes Stay Healthy Professional athletes often perform at peak levels despite rigorous physical training and serious sports injuries. They push the limits of the human body and exert perfect mental clarity to achieve incredible feats of strength and stamina. How do they do it? Strict training, exercise, and a little known secret called Super-foods. http Professional athletes and horse trainers use Super-foods like algae to increase recuperation and competitive edge.1 Animal trainers and parents a like have noticed that children and animals who eat this food have better attitudes and are easier to train. Scientific studies show increased focus and concentration in children when eating Blue green algae, known as AFA.
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