ACAI BERRY???????????????????????????????

I have just started taking Acai berry as I ahem heard it is good for energy and speeding up your metabolism…. When do you see the effects of it…??? Has anyone had an experiences with it…. If so what are they?
May I just add that I have a very healthy lifestyle and am not obese and I exercise on a regular basis but am naturally curvy and not size 0. I thought if I was a little thinner I would love myself a little more and saw Acai berry as a slight confidance boost.

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What is kelp powder good for? Is kelp a superfood or something?

I’m looking for some form of powder that i can start including in my diet. Some type of powder with lots of antioxidants. Would kelp count? Or would chlorella be better?

Or anything else? Thanks
Oh i heard kelp is good for your skin somehow. I didn’t know you can only use it for a certain amount of time.

Rachael Ray features Acai Berry Juice | Acai Elite

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Acai Berry???????????????????

I am going to try Acai Berry fresh.
But not the diet, the cleanse.
which is supposed to clear your stomach off all junk.
along with it i am going to take the Acai Berry fat burning thing,
its is just supposed to help clear your digestive tract and burn calories.

To everyone who has tried the Acai Berry Diet or the Cleanse, is it worth it?

or should i try slimquick!?!!?! (the pill)

thanks! <3