Which superfood, greenfood product would you recommend?

I have looked into amazing grass and garden of life superfood products, but I don’t know which one is better for the money. Maybe there is a better product out there. I am weight training right now, and wanted to get a multi-vitamin, but I think if I had something like this I won’t need it cause I’ll get all the nutrients I need from the mix drink. Let me know what you think based on experience, not just theory.

Dr Szachozicz interview excerpts on acai berry juice blend

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If I buy acai berry juice or drinkable acai berry yogurt,will it still make me lose weight and get the benefit?

I am interested in buying either drinkable acai berry yogurt OR acai berry juice. Which is better? Which is cheaper at the grocery store? And im not interested in taking the pills, so will I still lose weight with this and still get the health benefits from the acai berry?

Acai Berry Juice VaNu Made by Fountain of Life – Acai Berry Diet

draw.youandvanu.com Vanu Review Fountain of Life Review Acai Berry Juice Review Acai Berry Scam? This video is my review of the Acai Berry Drink called Vanu made by Fountain of Life. You will learn in this video if there is a scam and enter a drawing for a free bottle so you can decide for yourself if there is a scam or not. There will be no payment methods asked in order to receive this free bottle. So watch the video and see what I have to say and how to enter the drawing for a Free Acai Berry Drink called Vanu by Fountain of Life. It is Fountain of Life Vanu!

Should I start taking 21st Century Organics Spirulina Capsules? I heard spirulina is a “superfood”?

I want to lose weight (mostly just achieve more definition), have better skin, hair and nails, and a better immune system. Its not that I’m overweight, have bad skin, or rough hair, but I heard that Miranda Kerr takes a green powder which contains spirulina. Would taking these pills be like the same as taking the powder?