I heard acai berry is good for losing weight. But HOW does it work and what type should I try?

Does it control appetite or burn fat or WHAT?
There’s so many products in stores that say Acai Berry on them (or just plain Acai). Is there one type in particular that is supposed to work? I have some Acai gel capsules that I bought at Wal-Mart and they don’t do ANYTHING!

MonaVie Juice with Acai Berry

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How do I get hold of the acai berry stuff without my parents finding out?

I have been trying for months to lose weight for months but it hasnt worked. Now my only other option is to use the acai berry stuff or some sort of diet pill. I know it works. But how do i get hold of it without my parents finding out? Im too young to be able to buy it from a shop and if it is posted my parents will kill me!!
I know, i am pretty screwed.

What SUPERFOOD(s) would you use if you wanted to starve yourself but still be healthy?

eg spirulina, barley grass, wheat grass, red clover. And what info do you have on these? I only know of the cider apple vinegar diet.
not red clover I meant Chlorella sorry

Where can i buy Acai berry supplements if i live if i live oustide United States?

I heard much about the diet (combining Acai berry + Total cleanse). It would be reasonable to pay for i live in the Philippines. Can anyone tell me where i can purchase them? Do you think i could get a free trial?