if I buy acai berry juice or drinkable acai berry yogurt,will it still make me lose weight and get the benefit?

I am interested in buying either drinkable acai berry yogurt OR acai berry juice. Which is better? Which is cheaper at the grocery store? And im not interested in taking the pills, so will I still lose weight with this and still get the health benefits from the acai berry?

Kidz Superfood?

I have a 3 year old daughter that is sick all the time. She’s anemic and her doctor recommended trying Kidz Superfood in addition to her regular multi-vitamin, which contains added iron. Well, this Kidz Superfood only comes in a powder "chocolate" flavor. I know my daughter is going to look at it and run and hide (she’s a picky eater).

Has anyone ever used this before with their kids, and do you have any serving suggestions, tricks, or ideas on how I can make sure she eats this?


When is the best time to drink acai juice?

I am trying to work out and get fit for the summer. I heard that acai is a "superfood"(its supposed to help people lose weight and gain muscle and all that good stuff) But it’s really expensive, like 4 bucks per liter. So i wanted to know whens the best time to drink the juice so that it’s most effective.
Morning? Before working out? After working out? Before i go to sleep?

Is Superfood HD App good?

Has anybody used "Superfood HD" on their iPhone or iPad? Is it good and should I download it? From the reviews it looks like it’s good and has a lot of information. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
Ok, I’ve downloaded the app and it is in fact amazing! Thank you for the replies to! These guys are getting great reviews so if you get this app give them a good review if you have not already! hey really deserve it!!! WOW