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Do you and your spouse agree with the list of superfoods for men and women?

Oddly, papaya is a superfood for women, and my spouse and I believe that it should be in the men’s category. For the health benefits, of course. What are your thoughts on your spouse’s nutritional intake?

Is it safe for teens to use acai berry capsules?

I am 13, 5’6, and weigh about 150. I would like to lose about 15 pounds. Would it be safe for me to use the acai berry capsules along with a healthy diet and fitness routine? I understand the pills also help your energy level and keeps you feeling much better.

Why did I dream I discovered olive oil was a superfood?

I discovered by consuming nothing but pure olive oil I had superhuman strength. I could walk up and down steep hills into villas and back down effortlessly. There were people around talking about chicken dishes who just didn’t get it. There was also someone who tied a soft sculpture ear of corn inside my hoodie like a carrot before a mule. But no one had ever eaten a diet made up solely of olive oil before and so they never discovered the secret. Let them laugh! Of course in waking I know olive oil is a healthy item but why did I dream about it in such an exxagerated way?