Question about SPIRULINA once and for all?

Ok, I’ve done extensive looking up Spirulina, and it remains controversial. I barely started taking it 3 days ago, and I bought it from GNC. In the label it says 1 pill a day but that is only 500 mg. On all of these websites it says anywhere from 2-10 grams, so what is up with this? I take 2 anyways. Can we star this question please because I want a lot of people to answer this question. Are the big government companies trying to keep this superfood down or something to protect their investments in drugs and vitamins? What is THEE truth about Spirulina? Thanks.

I have a ceaser salad in the fridge I bought from Kroger, and I missed that it has MSG in the ingredients..?

Is a little MSG bad? I hate wasting 4.99 for that salad. It does have 36grams of fat (3g saturated), but I don’t want to eat that MSG along with a bazillion other toxic chemicals. Maybe I’ll chug down a green superfood smoothie with it. What’cha think?

What to eat when consuming Acai Berry Pure?

I haven’t received my bottle of acai berry pure yet but I just wanted to know what am I supposed to eat before taking this pill? Is it good to excersice while doing this, or does it matter? I’ve searched a lot for this but I haven’t got the information I wanted yet. I’d appreciate it if you’d tell if you knew. Thanks. Also, is it okay to take these if you’re 12?