Why don’t most people with depression know they are simply vitamin deficient?

One of those green superfood drinks and they’ll feel better right away… American food is seriously vitamin deficient, even the fruits and vegetables which are grown in nutrient-poor soil.
Okay, I knew I would get a lot of arguments against this. So all I can say is it definitely worked for me and it wouldn’t hurt to drink a bottle of the stuff and see what happens.

Acai berry! The number 1 superfood! Apparently!?

Okay…. so heres the thing I wanted to ask…. if ppl on brazil or wherever it grows in the world eat this stuff daily and experience amazing benefits… then surely they must be eating acai by the bucketload or even handfuls… what I wanted to know is how are the pure acai capsules going to even cut it because its such a minute amount that you are consuming through that capsule? Does anyone understand me????? I know its a stupid question but… yeah, anyway.

is it Dangerous to drink the Acai Berry Cleansing Juice if 15Years Old?

My daughter of 15 wants to do a detox, so i bought my daughter the Acai Berry Cleansing Juice, it says "Dietary Supplement" But i don’t know if it helps you lose weight (i doubt it). It says "Not Recommended for under 18". Is it alright if she drinks it ? Will there be harmful side effects ?

Black beans or pinto beans – is one nutritionally better than the other?

I keep seeing mentions on-line about how black beans are supposed to be a ‘superfood’. Is there a particular reason they’re nutritionally superior to pinto beans, or is it just that beans in general are healthy for you, or is it just marketing hype?