Leptodrene good for clearing acne?

I am considering ordering the SuperFood, Leptodrene. Is it safe and effective? I have no worries for the promising acne clearing part of the pill yet am concerned about the weight loss part. Will it mess up my metabolism and body? It is all natural so I am guessing no yet am not sure. Any feedback is great. Thank you:)

Wine vs. Grape Juice for Health Benefits?

I’ve heard that Wine is really good for your heart because of the compounds found in it. Since wine is made from grapes, can a similar benefit (less the alcohol) be found by drinking Welch’s Grape juice instead? Also, what is your favorite superfood and why? I like learning about new foods that are highly nutritious.

will you please tell me what i need to change about my diet?

for breakfast i usually i have a 2 tbls of superfood (a all natural protein drink/health drin) and then about 45 minutes later i have a bowl of wheaties. later at about 11:00 i will have a pure protein bar. and then at lunch i will have an egg sandwich. at about 4 0r 4:30 i will have a muscle milk. and then for dinner i usually try to have a protein and vegetables.

last time i checked i was at 18% body fat and im trying to get down o about 10-12% if i eat good food like this and exersise regularly(which i do 4x to 5x a week) will i lose body fat.

Acai Berry Supplements From Acai Berry Juice Lose Weight Fast

www.acaiberrysecrets.com Acai Berry Juice Supplements Made From Acai Berry Juice Can Dramatically Help Your Health Find Out Why.Acai Berry Supplements have been shown to help improve your metabolism and help lose weight fast. Acai Berry is the latest superfood to hit the celebrity media.