Is Naked & Odwalla juice good for you?

Are these juices good for you, or not so great like other juices? How about for a breakfast substitute? I’m particularly interested in thoughts on the "Superfood" blends. (
( then click Menu, Families, Superfood.

Does the acai berry work in aiding weight loss?

I’m trying to lose ten pounds or so. I workout everyday with high intensity pilates followed by 45 minutes of cardio and strength training. I eat roughly 700 calories today consisting of very little carbohydrates. Would the acai berry work for me?

Anyone else eat rice every day?

I eat a plate of rice for my main meal every day… i have it with a tomato pasta sauce and sometimes add mushrooms, peppers, cheese etc…. people think its quite bizarre, but i never get bored of it, and i love the fact that a cup of uncooked rice, creates a whole meal that keeps me full for hours!…… i think its a superfood!

Anyone else eat it daily? and what do you have in it?