Where can i buy the best acai berry powder but only freeze dried?

Looking for reputable online store for freeze dried acai berry powder. Organic would be preferred. Thx! I love in Ft Lauderdale, Florida so if anyone knows a place that I could drive to then that would be geatb to but I usually order my acai online. I am not happy with my current supplier.

Acai Berry Juice

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A Critical and Honest Review of Purity 12 and their New Acai Berry Juice Products.

www.sevenfiguremastermindteam.com 12 is a relatively new Network Marketing Company that has entered into the Health and Wellness industry. There are 4 main products that this company is marketing. Purity 12 is a powerful body cleanser that is designed to help flush toxins and other impurities out of your body. Purity 12 Rain Juice. The ingredients of Purity 12 Rain Juice have been discovered to be the most beneficial and given the best results of products on the market today but the scientific evidence is scarce. This product uses the well know acai berry juice or acai berry complex or drink. There is a significant amount of acai berry research promoting the benefits of acai berries. Purity 12 Rain Supplement. The benefits of Purity 12 Rain Supplement are not only part of an exciting breakthrough, but also provide you with an anti-aging miracle to better your life! Power Tea. Green tea is filled with anti-oxidants and polyphenols that promote healthy cells. According to their website, Many foods contain ingredients that the human body cannot break down and use, and some even contain toxins or other things that are harmful to the body. This is one of many new products on the market that are promoting colon health and there are a lot on the market Colopure, PureCleanse, Bromalite, Total Cleanse. Of the ones that Ive researched, Purity 12 appears to be the most expensive. The company appears to be led by an impressive group. Ken Forrest, Tim Shields and Ricky Frank are the