Why Pure Freeze Dried Acai Berry Works Best

Find out why dried acai works wonders for your health.

We know that in its purest form Acai Berry from the Amazon rainforest region in Brazil is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. We also know that fresh acai berries, unfortunately, are not available outside Brazil. This is due to the fact that, once harvested, the acai berries start losing their nutritional potency within 48 hours. So since eating fresh acai berries right off the tree is not an option for most us, the next best option is freeze-dried acai berry. The freeze-drying process fully captures the nutritional potency of acai berries. So, to get the full nutritional potential of acai, use only freeze-dried acai. And avoid acai juices, extracts, or any supplement or product which contains any any additional unnecessary ingredients. To get the acai berry benefits you desire, it is important to use the most potent form of acai. The most potent form of is pure organic freeze-dried acai. And remember to always read the ingredients on the label before buying. When you do, you will see the following: Most product websites do not display an ingredients label. Many hide the true ingredients with the words “proprietary blend” on the label. Most acai products contain only tiny amounts of acai and are usually mixed with other ingredients, like caffeine. And, most contain only “extracts” from the berries and not the whole fruit. So to get the benefits you want, use only pure freeze-dried organic acai. And to make sure you’re getting authentic acai, read the label and look for the ingredients yourself.