Acai Berry and Pregnancy

There is absolutely nothing more important to an expecting parent, especially if you are the pregnant one, than both the healthy development of your unborn child as well as the health and recovery of the mother, after birth.

When my wife was pregnant with our first child, one thing she made certain of was to include a large amount of vitamins and antioxidant rich supplements to her diet. One of the main ones being Acai berry capsules, which she took daily.

As a result, our child was born beautiful and healthy and my wife recovered amazingly with almost no lasting signs of birth. In fact, I think she actually is in better shape and looks even more radiant then ever.

I have read a lot of inquiries in many forums from people asking about Acai and if there are any side effects that may happen as a result from it’s usage. Well, from all of my research, not to mention our personal experience, I would have to say that if anything, although taken in moderation, it can be just the opposite.

  acai berry is it safe to take pregnant

One of the main factors to take in consideration about Acai Berries are that they are high in antioxidants, which are key to helping the body counteract the effects of cancer causing free radicals. More importantly, since pregnancy is known to increase oxidative stress, a leading factor in reduced placental efficiency and calcification, resulting in birth defects, many nutritionists recommend an increase in the intake of antioxidant levels for pregnant women.

Another factor to consider is that since Acai is well known for increasing and improving circulation, so it not only helps in the delivery of vital nutrients to the fetus, but it helps reduce swelling, cramps and many other birth related side effects in the mother.

If you are pregnant and considering taking this as a supplement, it is important to make sure you use only 100% pure products from a reputable distributor, and stay clear of anything that may contain other harmful mixtures or other herbal substances, that may counteract the results. If you have any hesitation or further questions, also be certain to check with your doctor, just to be sure.

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acai berries pregnant

Can I Take Acai Berry While Pregnant?

When a woman is pregnant her doctors always advise them against trying any diet program. This is because when a woman is pregnant she not only needs to supply herself with the proper amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients but she now needs to feed her growing baby as well.

Can you Safely Have Acai Berry Products During Pregnancy?

If you want acai berry in a supplement form, talk with your physician or pharmacist before purchasing and using during pregnancy. He or she will be able to recommend a dosage that will not cause any ill effects.

Do be aware that many supplements and even some of the power juices contain extra ingredients, and even high amounts of caffeine, so always read the labels carefully before taking.

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