Acai Berry News Does It Work Acai Berries are a tiny ball-shaped grape size berry which is a deep purple or black, that are exceedingly full in antioxidants. Acai Berry (pronounce ah-sigh-ee descend from Central And South America and originate on the Acai Palm. Acai Berry now recognized as a “super food” because of it’s really high level of nutrients and surprising amount of nutrients it contains. Each Acai berry is overflowing with protein, basic amino acids, fiber, healthy Omega fats and a array of important vitamins and minerals. Like they say “Never tell a book by it’s cover” the identical works for the Acain Berry as even one berry that is no larger than a grape is astoundingly so packed full of goodness that has been rarely encountered in other foods. TRy the Acai Berry Diet Now For FREE! http

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