Acai Berry Review — Pure Freeze-Dried Acai vs. Acai Juice or Extracts

Check out this video on freeze dried acai powder.

Find out about freeze dried acai powder - is it as good as the real fruit?

There are big differences in the potency of the various acai berry products. Since fresh acai fruit is not available outside of the rainforest region in Brazil, that leaves (1) acai juices, (2) supplements containing extracts from the fruit, (3) frozen skin and pulp, and (4) freeze-dried acai powder in supplement form, or as loose powder in jars. Acai juices are the least beneficial choice because in juice form, these products are almost always blends of various other fruit juices often containing small amounts of actual acai. And, with fruit juices there is the added problem of high levels of fructose, or fruit sugar. Fructose is, of course, sugar and sugar is a problem. For more on the subject of fructose and sugar, please follow the link to our website and look around for the articles and videos on fructose and sugar. Acai extracts are another least favorite form of the fruit because an extract is just a part of the fruit. There are some many beneficial nutritional properties in this fruit and you should want all of them, not just an extract. This video just touches the surface, so please click on the links within this description for more detailed information. Also, feel free to call, see the contact page on our website, with questions or comments. Or you can leave,questions or comments in the Speak Your Mind section on the website, too. We think that without question the best most potent form of acai berry is pure freeze-dried acai berry powder.

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