Camu Camu, Vitamin C SUPER FOOD with Dr. James Duke. or CALL (310) 980 0960 for business opportunities. Dr. James Duke is the man when it comes to Herbs. outside of the Amazon he is the world’s leading authority on plant medicine. here he waxes lyrically on how donald rumsfield invests in a vaccine for a pandemic that DOES NOT EXIST. 3rd party review by Mike Adams: Camu Camu has all the cofactors, riboflavin and bioflavinoids making it highly absorbable. most of the Vitamin C on the market is synthetic from GMO corn! synthetic molecules block receptor sites. whole foods are highly absorbable as the cofactors help deliver the nutrients to the cellular level instead of to your toilet bowl! when asked HOW DO WE SAVE THE AMAZON RAIN FOREST Dr. Duke replied, TEACH PEOPLE THAT THESE PLANTS ARE OUR MEDICINES NOT THE silver bullet pharmaceuticals that create THE #4 KILLER IN AMERICA/adverse drug reactions. taking Camu Camu everyday makes the world a better place. The Camu Camu berry grows in the Amazon Rain Forest. There are over 3000 berries in the Amazon but Camu Camu has the highest concentration of Vitamin C, as well as many important cofactors. Gary Null lists Camu Camu as the most important superfood for brain health on his website as well as many other situations. There are many antioxidant berries on the market but if one READS THE LABEL one can see that MOST products have been adulterated by CHEMICALS or they are FLASH PASTEURIZED. The Amazon Herb Co. is about PURITY, EFFICACY AND

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