Can you recommend a good tasting Superfood supplement?

I can get to a Whole foods, Trader Joes and other health food stores or shop online. I like Odwalla Green Monster but I could with less calories (BTW I am assuming Odwalla Green monster is veg let me know if it’s not) and not so expensive. I bought one packet at the store of some powder. Om it was inedible! I tried mixing it with V8 juice it tasted like hay! I couldn’t finish it. I want things like wheat grass, spirulina, lots of vitamins and energy support. I’d prefer a powder I can mix with stuff. I have conclude I am little short on nutrients. I do feel better when I drink these.
I am working on adding more nutrients to my diet in the form of whole foods. I went to Trader Joes and bought their smallest bottle. I still intend to take some form of supplements. So if anyone uses these products and likes one let me know.

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