Vital Red Juices

Seems that everyone should be drinking those vital red juices. The red juices are polyphenol-rich superfruits with natural fat-burning ingredients and probiotics. These help you helps body maintain higher energy levels, assists for better digestion, and leads to healthier looking skin.

Polyphenols are a category of chemicals that naturally occur in plants. Many of the health benefits associated with polyphenols nay be associated with their role as antioxidants. Antioxidants are known for their ability to combat cell damage — thus can help ward off many illnesses. The Mediterranean diet is one eating pattern that includes many foods that are rich in polyphenols.


See foods that are high in polypehnols.

Is a ‘superfood’ containing all essential nutrients feasible?

Is it possible that when we have discovered all the nutrients and substances we need in our diet, there be some kind of food that contains all of this in the correct proportions to the average consumption of each? Has this ‘superfood’ been attempted? Is it not economical, have we not discovered enough about the human diet to know what well need in it, or is it just not possible?

Is Naked & Odwalla juice good for you?

Are these juices good for you, or not so great like other juices? How about for a breakfast substitute? I’m particularly interested in thoughts on the "Superfood" blends. (
( then click Menu, Families, Superfood.

Anyone else eat rice every day?

I eat a plate of rice for my main meal every day… i have it with a tomato pasta sauce and sometimes add mushrooms, peppers, cheese etc…. people think its quite bizarre, but i never get bored of it, and i love the fact that a cup of uncooked rice, creates a whole meal that keeps me full for hours!…… i think its a superfood!

Anyone else eat it daily? and what do you have in it?

Leptodrene good for clearing acne?

I am considering ordering the SuperFood, Leptodrene. Is it safe and effective? I have no worries for the promising acne clearing part of the pill yet am concerned about the weight loss part. Will it mess up my metabolism and body? It is all natural so I am guessing no yet am not sure. Any feedback is great. Thank you:)