Dr Schulze Superfood

Dr Schulze Superfood

Another superfood on the market is Dr. Schulze Superfood which he developed inorder to provide more nutrition in the diet of his patients.  His forumlted product contains blue green algae, alfalfa, spinach leaf, barley and wheat grasses, purple dulse seaweed, acerola cherries, rose hips, orange and lemon peels, beet root, palm fruit, chlorella, spirulina, and a non-active nutritional yeast.  This is very similar to the list of the 10 superfoods and the 14 superfoods that will promote a healthy lifestyle. 

His product comes in a plant powder drink which is similar to that of the acai powder drink.  His combination of products in the superfood drink supplement has similar properties to those contained in the acai berry juice.

Supplements from Dr. Schultz

Dr. Richard Schultz has an amazing history that would be too detailed for me to mention here. However, it is enough to say that his formula’s are some of the only legitimately organic formula’s on the market. Many many products are made with organic ingredients … Dr. Schultz makes a number of products that I absolutely would have no hesitation in recommending to any SJS patient.

Power boost in nutrition

Richard Schulze, the successful naturopathic doctor so hated by the FDA and AMA for being successful, has outlined the way that he has dealt with appendicitis, which I will outline here. Appendix problems are caused by poor diet …… On occasion I’ve picked up Dr. Schulze’s Super Food, not because I believe in detox stuff but because I need a vit. boost from time to time.

Dr Schulze Superfood Energy

I’ve been using Superfood from Dr. Richard Schultz for years. But what its really good for is when you don’t sleep – I’m serious. Its great for waking up. That and cayenne pepper! Its also good for when you don’t eat! 

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