Dr. Scott’s Famous Live Superfood Chocolate Milk (Vegan)

Blend your way to heaven and health!!! Dr. Scott shares his secret Chocolate Milk recipe using live organic vegan ingredients and the best superfoods ever from Elements for Life! To get many of these products at a discount and/or to join Dr.Scott, David Wolfe, Gabriel Cousens and many other rawfood authorities on their mission of spreading superfoods, go to www.noblelifeelements.com/scottsim Raw Chocolate Milk 1 Tai coconut use the water and scrape out the meat (Whole Foods sell these. Also some Asian markets). They are the white ones with a point on top. 16 oz of almond milk. You can make your own with raw almonds and water or just open a container. You can also just add a tsp of raw almond butter and add water. 2-3 scoops Elements for Life organic raw cocao nibs 1 scoop Elements for Life organic raw chocolate powder 1 scoop flax/hemp seeds 1 scoop Elements for Life organic maca powder handful of Elements for Life raw goji berries 2-3 fresh MEDJOOL dates or Tbs agave nectar instead of the dates Optional try out different superfoods on different days 2 oz Elements for Life Colloidal gold 10-15 drops of Elements for Life Marine Phytoplankton 1 Tbs Elements for Life Revitaphi 2 oz Elements for Life Island Fire 1 Tbs Elements for Life blue green algae 1 tsp Elements for Life cordyceps Optional: 1 scoop Raw hemp protein powder 1 scoop organic raw carob powder Optional… fruit experiment with the taste Handful blueberries (can use frozen) Handful of frozen cherries 1 frozen

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