Green Drink – Alkalizing Superfood – 30+ Alkaline Forming Grasses & Veggies

Super Concentrated Juice Formula. Go Green, Your Body Will Love You For It! To maintain a pH balanced body, the way nature intended, you need to do two things: 1) eat and supplement with alkalizing foods, such as green grasses, veggies and sprouts; and 2) minimize acidifying foods such as meats, processed foods and processed sugars. Its not always easy to get enough alkalizing foods during the day. Thats why pHion Green Superfood is so essential to creating a pH balanced diet. pHion Green Superfood contains over 30 different alkalizing foods that easily make up for the gaps in your diet. Unlike ordinary greens, pHion Green Superfood contains only alkaline forming ingredients, consisting of over 30 different alkalizing grasses, veggies and sprouts. Super alkalizing. pHion Green Superfood contains the most complete blend of over 30 different alkaline forming foods – including alkalizing grasses, veggies and sprouts, aimed at neutralizing damaging acids found in your system. Raw. Our gentle, low heat process insures that all of the nutrients, enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in pHion Green Superfood stay intact. Super concentrated. Just one teaspoon of pHion Green Superfood provides the nutrient equivalent of more than one pound of veggies! Super bioavailable. Because our formula contains CereCalase®, a patented blend of enzymes, the ingredients are up to 48% more bioavailable than the greens in other products. Great

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