How Shaka Doug Drinks his Mona Vie Acai Berry Juice Blend!

Check this out. Drinking acai juice while wearing scuba gear underwater.

Shaka Doug’s 3300th dive in Hawaii! Aloha and thank you for watching! Warning! Do not try this at home! Special Thanks to Felix Morales for shooting the video for me! Shaka Doug of Maui, HI enjoys a delicious and nutritious Mona Vie Active Acai Berry Blend Gel Pack deep underwater while scuba diving at the world renowned Bubble Cave of Makena Landing. This dive was particularly memorable as it was Doug’s 3300 dive in Hawaii. He decided to celebrate with a power shot of Mona Vie acai berry blend gel. It’s delicious and so good for you! Yummy! Shaka Doug is an authorized independent distributor of Mona Vie. He can show you how to get healthy and wealthy using this amazing juice. Aren’t you ready to get healthy and wealthy? Aloha! Here’s to you! Thank you once again for watching.

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