Kefir with Superfood Trailmix

Back in the Kitchen AGAIN. Im in the flow! After diligent research and self-experimentation, I decided to add animal products back into my diet. My main focus is raw, grass-fed dairy products like fermented kefir and also butter. I feel much more grounded now. My mind is off food, and my cravings have completely vanished. I was a crazy sugar addict before this transition, and now Im so stable that I find it hard to believe. I see many people self-limiting because of the teachings of others instead of experimenting for themselves, and I also fell into this trap for a long time and went on many ups and downs because of it. I see WAY too many vegans going on yo-yo diets and I understand now why it happened to me. If you study the work of Weston Price, you will realize that different types of people need different types of food. A Polynesian will need more carbs than an Irishman. We need to look towards the ratios of our ancestors and then take it from there. The fact that Im eating cacao and goji berries (which clearly wasnt in my ancestor’s diet) is not lost on me…trust me. This is about bringing two worlds together. Im trying to join the worlds of vegan superfoods with high quality animal products with this meal. We can take the best of both worlds and make it work for us. We dont have to pick sides! That is junior-high school mentality. Its a thick dairy kefir, and I then mix in: Goji Berries, Shredded Coconut Bee Pollen and Cacao Nibs. On top of that, I give a few

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