Perricones 10 Superfoods

Here are the 10 superfoods reccommended by Dr. Perricone.  These superfoods differ from the list of the 14 superfoods in that this list concentrates on vegetables, grains, and fruits while excluding fish and poultry.

1.     Acai
A high energy berry from the Amazon which holds the top spot as it contains more nutrients and beneficial vitamins that are key to good health.

2 The Allium Family which is composed of garlic, onions, shallots,  chives and leeks.  These foods help the body to fend of sickness.

3 Barley is his most beneficial grain as apposed to oats.

4 His green foods include blue green algae, barley grass and wheat grass – all high in iron content.

5 He favors buckwheat seed which has more protein than rice or wheat

6 Beans and lentils occupy most superfood lists as they are high in fiber.

7 Hot peppers are anti-inflammatory and analgesic to theinternal working of the body

8 Nuts and seeds are natural sources of protein

9 Sprouts are high in protein and vitamin C. They are also a concatrated source of living enzymes that are not lost through cooking.

300 250 perricone acai berry

10 Yogurt or kefir are high in calcium. Kefir is a fermented, probiotic milk drink from the mountains of Georgia (a former part of the Soviet Union) that is yogurt like and is their source of longevity.

purely juice acai

Acai #1 on Dr. Perricone’s Superfood List

Many noted physicians are reporting that Acai is a top "super food" because of its high level of antioxidants, phytochemicals and essential fatty acids.

Acai Berry, the number one superfood in the world

Acai has become so popular because it has been feature in the health book as the number one superfood. The author of that book is DR Perricone and the book is “The perricone promise; Live younger, live longer in three easy steps."

Truth behind acai berry

This is the number one super food suggested by a top researcher Dr. Perricone. He has been working on finding out super foods that help everyone to live a healthy life. After many years of study and research, he has identified acai as the top one.

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