RAW FOOD DIET, SUPERFOODS & my lighthearted apology to David Wolfe, Doug Graham & you! ❤

LIFE-REGENERATOR.com * David Wolfe’s Superfood book bit.ly Hey everyone I just needed to get a few things off of my raw food chest…! I remain, humbly yours…Dan 🙂 ❤ ….**a SUPER GREEN FOOD JUICE for you**… …this is a LOT of juice… please 1/2 this juicing recipe if you need to!… * I ngredients * — 1 head Fennel — 1 bunch Parsley — 1 bunch Cilantro — 2 bunches Spinach — 1 Cucumber — 1 head Celery — 4-6 Carrots * P reparation * — 1) Run all ingredients through your Breville juicer, or whatever the best juicer is for you. JUICER.life-regenerator.com — 2) Add ice if desired, and enjoy! * I nspiration * — Try approaching the way you eat by using your *own* imagination and channeling your *own* creative energy! — I just finished reading David Wolfe’s Superfood book (available here bit.ly and it inspired me to make this video and apologize… I feel like in some of my earlier videos especially I put down the super foods when I shouldn’t have been… and this book just reminded me about how I really DO like to listen to and learn from ALL the different raw food teachers, as it always comes down to context, context, context for each individual! — I also want to apologize to Doug Graham as even though my own brain can’t really grasp the concept of following numbers and percentages when it comes to food, I still clearly am influenced by his teachings as I do strongly believe that fruit is the primary food of man! — Hey and for those who have never heard of the raw food

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