Super Food Marine Phytoplankton This raw organic superfood must be very important. Imagine teams of European doctors, microbiologists and botanist spending many years and millions of their dollars researching for 40000 species of phytoplankton in the seas and oceans to determine which one of these species is the best so they can use it for bio-fuel, aqua culture, exotic fish food and of course human consumption. Then the story continues that among those 40000 species, only four species of Marine Phytoplankton remained that were found to be beneficial for human consumption. Then from four there was left only one. One that was super beneficial, one that was the only chosen for production. Marine phytoplankton as a superfood is a unique super-nutrient that comes from the ocean providing our bodies with residual energy that significantly builds up when ingested on a daily basis. It is abundant with naturally produced vitamins, minerals and original life force that everyone who takes it enjoys a deep inner strength. Then its benefits don’t stop there. Marine phytoplankton can make skin appear vibrant and younger. It can assist to regulate blood sugar naturally, speeds the recovery from illnesses and disease, and also gives eyesight improvement and increase strength. It can also assist to strengthen the immune, nervous and endocrine system. Help cells defend against radiation, calm the mind and body with enhanced meditation, improve memory,relieve allergy and relieve symptoms of

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