Superfood juices for weight loss?

My question is regarding the Odwalla and Naked juices.
From what I can tell from the nutritional label, they are often quite well balanced in terms of nutritions, other than the fact that the sugar content is a little high, but I would expect that from fruit juice anyway.

I really like the convenience that those juices provide because I do not like to sit down and spend 20 minutes to eat a crappy microwave meal (for a home-made dinner with family, I think it’s worth it but not for a microwave meal) so I prefer to just drink a bottle of that.

But in terms of weight loss, which is more beneficial?

I figure that if you eat solid food with good fiber content, it’ll keep you full for longer. Whereas, juices will just give you all the energy quickly and make you go hungry soon after. At least that’s what I feel when I drink those.

In the long run, which will keep you full for longer? and does that have any correlation with how fast you expend the calorie?

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