Acai Berry Benefits

Here is a great video by the now web famous Natalie talking about the benefits of energizing your body with acai.

Acai Berry benefit Natives living in the Amazon river region in Northern Brazil, have had as part of their diet the acai berry for hundreds of years for its nutritional value. Its healing and wellness powers are legendary throughout the area. The popularity of the acai berry is starting to spread from Brazil to the rest of the Americas. Acai Berry has the following nutritional, health and wellness properties * Antioxidant * Antibacterial * Anti-inflammatory * Antimutagenic * Cardiovascular System Acai berries contain very high amounts of essential fatty acid & omegas proven to lower LDL & maintain HDL cholesterol levels. They also have a remarkable concentration of antioxidants to help combat free radicals and premature aging. Acai Berry is a source of a particular class of flavonoids called anthocyanins. The ORAC value of Acai Berry is higher than any other edible berry in the world! Acai Berry is also an excellent source of dietary fiber!

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Acai Berry Against Cancer Antioxidants help defend the body from damage caused by unstable free radical molecules. NSI Acai Berry Extract is better because it in a 4:1 dose, so you receive a potent formula Offers 1000 mg of pure acai berry extract per serving! Antioxidant rich food is now the hot topic and has been for a few years now. This is of course for a very good reason. Anthocyanins are a form of antioxidants. The Acai berry also has a number of antioxidants that are excellent for the body as they help to restore other antioxidants already in the body such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and glutathione. Anthocyanins are another important reason why the acai berry and the acai berry juice are so popular for health. The acai berry is suppose to contain more anthocyanins, about 33 times more, than red wine or grapes.