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How Shaka Doug Drinks his Mona Vie Acai Berry Juice Blend!

Check this out. Drinking acai juice while wearing scuba gear underwater.

Shaka Doug’s 3300th dive in Hawaii! Aloha and thank you for watching! Warning! Do not try this at home! Special Thanks to Felix Morales for shooting the video for me! Shaka Doug of Maui, HI enjoys a delicious and nutritious Mona Vie Active Acai Berry Blend Gel Pack deep underwater while scuba diving at the world renowned Bubble Cave of Makena Landing. This dive was particularly memorable as it was Doug’s 3300 dive in Hawaii. He decided to celebrate with a power shot of Mona Vie acai berry blend gel. It’s delicious and so good for you! Yummy! Shaka Doug is an authorized independent distributor of Mona Vie. He can show you how to get healthy and wealthy using this amazing juice. Aren’t you ready to get healthy and wealthy? Aloha! Here’s to you! Thank you once again for watching.

Warning: for Acai Juice Lover Only , acai berry is a top 10 super diet food as seen in Oprah, what will happen when mix Transfer Factor with the amazon dried freeze acai berry juice ? will this make it better than Monavie?

Download this Free Acai book: acaibook.direct4health.com This is my story , the day Oprah Winfrey started talking about the Acai dried freeze berry , and acai juice on her TV show my eyes was wide open. I have diploma in health and fitness and no one told me about the benefit of the amazon acai juice , I was shocked because after paying alot of dollars for my school they failed to teach me about this amazon berry that sell either as a dried freeze berry or as a juice called acai juice. is the Acai berry magic or hypes, I didnt know until I decided to give this amazon berry juice a try ..this is how its started first I wanted to know what the hell is acai means and why Oprah Winfrey on her Tv show brought a doctor who recommend people to eat this berry and take it as a dietery supplement for their diet program, so I read this ebook (you can downloaded form the above link), now I understand why the doctor in Oprah TV Show was right , eating acai berry or drink the acai juice is one of the best source of anti-oxidant for energy and anti-aging if you dont know what is anti-oxidant then download this ebook because I dont have enough space here to explain this to you .. but I do have time to tell you my story I wake up every day try to rush for my work ,and my breakfast is either milk and egg or a can of red bull if I have no time for cooking … not a complete healthy food to start my day. so I added an acai berry juice to my breakfast ,with this juice every morning especially

Acai Berry Juice Vitamin Supplement Super Antioxidant

Learn about Acai Berry Juice – Advanced energy and antioxidant vitamin supplement formula. If you are in pain take a look. More Info At www.visitmarketamerica.com Perricone Promise – writes about acai berry supplementation, Isotonix Acai Berry Juice – Advanced Energy formula has more than an Acai Berry, but also Pomegranate, Goji, Mangosteen and more – over 20 nutrients with more then 60 benefits to a human body. You do not need expensive bottles of Monavie Acai Berry Juice and spend a bottle per week! Monavie Acai Berry Juice is so expensive and it’s only a juice! Juice has 40% absorption rate, but isotonix absorption is 95%! Plus 90 servings of isotonix Acai is around , you take it 2 times a day (4oz) and with 95% absorption reate, Isotonix Acai is better, healthier alternative to Monavie Acai and it works better. You just need to try it and will be hooked like I am. And for is a steal. Plus the other benefit is that Monavie Acai bottle is heavy, as soon as you open it it needs to be consumed fast or will go bad. Isotonix Acai is a little 90 servings bottle, light and you can take it in your pocket – when you need extra Acai energy shot, siply take the Isotonix Acai powder from the bottle, add water and your red acai energy drink is ready to drink, fresh, all the time. Try Isotonix Acai Berry Juice – Advanced Energy Vitamin Supplement Formula abd see why many Monavie distributors and customers starting to feel the diferrence,see the improvements and taste the

MonaVie Juice with Acai Berry

HealthandBeautyDeals.com MonaVie is an acai berry fruit juice that has been featured on major TV media including Channel 4, Channel 5, CBS. It is recently quoted as “probably the healthiest drink you can get” on Rachael Ray show. This juice includes the 19 most beneficial fruits around the world, with acai berry, the super fruit with the ORAC score of 10 to 15 times higher than other berries. To learn more about it, please visit us at www.BuyMonaVieForLess.com. We sell MonaVie Active for as low as and provide same day shipping for faster delivery as well as secure credit card payment processing through Paypal. Buy the juice at www.HealthandBeautyDeals.com

Acai Berry Juice Benefits On High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

If you have ever suffered from high blood pressure, acai berry can help you control both cholesterol and high blood pressure symptoms.

Discover acai berry juice health benefits to complement a high blood pressure diet. Acai berry may also have positive effects on lowering cholesterol and an easy way of consuming fruits in liquid form!

Truth on Acai Berry Diet Claims

www.super-online-deals.net The acai berry has become very popular and for good reason the amount of antioxidants found inside this fruit is incredible, but with the popularity of the acai berry on oprah and rachal ray can the acai berry diet health benefits actually be shown to work. This exclusive interview shows how many people are enjoying the acai berry juice diet.
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Acai Berry Superfood #1 Cleanse Diet Weight Loss

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