The Power of Acai Berry Acai berry with hoodia is another form of body cleansing and detoxifying that can help you kick a diet and exercise program in gear. Unfortunately for Hoodia and Acai berry, some users have taken these products without first consulting a physician and in some cases, the result has been fatal. Acai Berry is the main ingredient in the drink along with 19 other super foods that has been combined to make a 2 ounce drink in the morning and evening a mandatory duty in the lives of many people. I am NOT one of those people. Acai Berry also has other health benefits like digestion improvement and skin health improvement. Acai berry also has plant sterols, essential fatty acids, and fiber. Human research is required before learning the potential acai berry benefit in medical conditions or prevention of health problems. Acai berry juice curbed my hunger much more than those pills I bought from all these weight loss plans. Acai berry is basically a POWERFUL antioxidant , and many television shows, including Oprah , have praised it for the natural remedy it offers to various problems (specially weight loss). But which product of Acai berry is the BEST, and which is a rip-off , is difficult to find out.

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