The SuperFood Food Triangle by David Wolfe David Wolfe teaches that the secret to succeeding on a raw food diet and achieving high levels of health is a balance between three essential classes of food. Those classes make up the raw food triangle. Through his experiences of meeting hundreds of raw foodists and studying what works and what doesnt he discovered a pattern. The three essential foods are green-leafy vegetables, sweet fruits, and fatty foods. The three provide chlorophyll, sugars, and fats. Lacking any of these foods results in nutritional imbalance. In Wolfes travels, all successful raw foodists followed this pattern. People lacking one of these food groups always ran into trouble. In most cases Wolfe calls for the three foods to be eaten in equal quantities. And for the best results all three food classes should be eaten every day. David personally suggests having sweet fruits as the main meal in the morning, green-leafy vegetables at lunch, and fats in the evening. Green-leafy vegetables provide chlorophyll; chlorophyll is the blood of plants. Just like the old Popeye cartoons we get our strength from spinach (and lettuce and kale and parsley and dandelion greens and). We get calcium, iron, magnesium, and other minerals. Greens help detoxify the liver. They alkalize our body chemistry, balancing acid-forming minerals found in nuts, seeds, avocados, and animal products. Sugar comes to us through sweet fruits. Sugar is the fuel that runs our bodies and brains. We need

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