Warning: for Acai Juice Lover Only , acai berry is a top 10 super diet food as seen in Oprah, what will happen when mix Transfer Factor with the amazon dried freeze acai berry juice ? will this make it better than Monavie?

Download this Free Acai book: acaibook.direct4health.com This is my story , the day Oprah Winfrey started talking about the Acai dried freeze berry , and acai juice on her TV show my eyes was wide open. I have diploma in health and fitness and no one told me about the benefit of the amazon acai juice , I was shocked because after paying alot of dollars for my school they failed to teach me about this amazon berry that sell either as a dried freeze berry or as a juice called acai juice. is the Acai berry magic or hypes, I didnt know until I decided to give this amazon berry juice a try ..this is how its started first I wanted to know what the hell is acai means and why Oprah Winfrey on her Tv show brought a doctor who recommend people to eat this berry and take it as a dietery supplement for their diet program, so I read this ebook (you can downloaded form the above link), now I understand why the doctor in Oprah TV Show was right , eating acai berry or drink the acai juice is one of the best source of anti-oxidant for energy and anti-aging if you dont know what is anti-oxidant then download this ebook because I dont have enough space here to explain this to you .. but I do have time to tell you my story I wake up every day try to rush for my work ,and my breakfast is either milk and egg or a can of red bull if I have no time for cooking … not a complete healthy food to start my day. so I added an acai berry juice to my breakfast ,with this juice every morning especially

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